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EBC ELT Programmer

This device enables the user to change the hex coding of the EBC 406 ELT in the field by using any computer with a Windows operating system. The technician can change the country code, tail number, 24-bit address, or other coding parameter of the ELT so that an aircraft can be accurately identified and located in case of an emergency. The EBC ELT Programmer allows Fleet, Military, and others with a number of aircraft to program or reprogram an EBC 406 series to meet their special needs. After reprogramming, the ELT must be reregistered. Additionally, the EBC ELT Programmer allows for ELT serial number and hex code label generation via an Excel file compatible label printer. This programming unit comes with the software program on CD, cable to the computer, cable to the ELT, and complete instructions.

Serial number: elt-programmer

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