df 88d

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A greater range of capability with savings in space and cost – that’s the DF-88D difference! The DF-88D direction finding system is in essence two DF-88As operating on different bands but sharing a common indicator. Like the DF-88A the DF-88D system automatically switches out the DF circuitry when the pilot transmits. Municipal and state government helicopter operators have found this product to be invaluable in emergency situations. With two existing transceivers servicing different bands – aircraft VHF and business band FM – the DF-88D enables the pilot to home in on an emergency signal transmitting on 121.5 MHz while monitoring vital communications of police vehicles in the FM spectrum (150-174 MHz).

Many branches of the military also utilize the dual capabilities of the DF-88D system. With thousands of AN/PRC-90 military personal transmitters still in use – transmitting only on 243.0 MHz – a DF-88D unit capable of DF’ing on both VHF and UHF is invaluable. Instead of the six antennas which would be required with two DF systems from a different manufacturer, the DF-88D utilizes only four. And instead of two indicators occupying valuable panel space, this pilot designed system calls for only one.

Beside the savings in panel and antenna space, this rugged and reliable dual DF system saves money over the cost of two separate DF systems. It comes compete with amplifier, indicator, antennas and all necessary connectors. Perfect for the professional, the DF-88D combines expanded options with fewer requirements.


  • Accuracy general less than 5° between aircraft heading and target bearing – maximum sensitivity of ±1°
  • No TO/FROM ambiguity…the needle always leads you to the transmitter
  • Minimal installation time…averages 3 hours
  • Solid state electronics
  • Factory Warranty for two years.


Frequency Range: 118-136 MHz Standard
Supply Voltage: +28VDC or +14DVC at 1 amp max
Antenna Scanning Rate: 80 Hz switching rate
Antennas: Stainless Steel Rod
Receiver Detector Loading: Greater than 1 Megohm
Panel Space Required: Standard 3″ aircraft instrument hole
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Amplifier Size (including mounting tray): 11″D x 2.5″W x 8.75″H
Size and Weight: 3.25″ X 7.4″, 1 pound, excluding antennas


*Disclaimer: Distress signals on 121.5 or 243.0 Mhz are legal but in 2009 processing of the signals by Search and Rescue personnel was discontinued.