df 22

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For basic direction finding capability, the EBC Model DF-22 is the product of choice. The DF-22 system is as reliable and accurate as any DF on the market today, yet is priced within reach of any pilot.

The DF-22 incorporates the amplifier and indicator in one convenient panel-mounted package.The indicator is internally lit to accommodate night-flying requirements. The unit comes with two separate DF antennas which are NOT used for communication purposes. Your radio’s original communication antenna will serve the COM function. The DF-22 must be turned OFF before any communication is attempted. The DF-22 comes complete with all necessary cables and connectors. Add DF capability to your aircraft with the EBC model DF-22.


Frequency Range: 118-136 MHz Standard
Supply Voltage: +28VDC or +14DVC at 1 amp max
Antenna Scanning Rate: 80 Hz switching rate
Antennas: Stainless Steel Rod
Receiver Detector Loading: Greater than 1 Megohm
Panel Space Required: Standard 3″ aircraft instrument hole
Size and Weight: 3.25″ X 7.4″; 1 pound, excluding antennas



*Disclaimer: Distress signals on 121.5 or 243.0 Mhz are legal but in 2009 processing of the signals by Search and Rescue personnel was discontinued.